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Diane has worked and volunteered for a number of years in the non profit sector in Calgary.  Her work has focused on supporting women to achieve social equity and personal well being.

Her most recent work has been as a funder  associated with a large community fundraising organization. Her work involves evaluating and monitoring programs as well as understanding the social needs of Calgary, the city she has lived in her whole life, and working to find solutions for the most pressing of social issues.

She is really interested in expanding her knowledge in international development and has supported Inspire Africa since it began. She travelled to Rwanda on the 2012 trip and got a first hand look at the exciting projects that are making a difference in the lives of orphans and widows who are re-building their lives.

Sponsors and Thank-You’s

  • INSPIRE!africa is truly appreciative of the many who encouraged us to realise this dream and to those who have helped in many ways to make it a reality.

    INSPIRE!africa is also sincerely grateful to the following people and businesses for their generous support:

    • AVASA for our website design and upkeep.
    • Melissa Musgrove and Margaret McQuiston for the photographs on our website.
    • Intaglio Marketing and Design for the design of our logo. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Kim McQuiston for the design of our Gift Cards, brochure and other promotional materials.
    • Edwin Lim for his past support of the design and promotion of our yearly fundraiser and to Jun Ren who has enthusiastically stepped into this role in 2016.
    • Industry Images Creative Studios for their printing services.
    • Webster Galleries for the venue for our annual fundraising events
    • Teresa de Grosbois and Small Shifts Books and Media for supporting us through the sale of her book The Presents' Presents
    • Cheryl Lee for the design of the fundraiser program and bookmarks.
    • Calgary Academy for their donation of equipment, educational expertise and contacts.
    • Louise Bennet for her designs and printing of INSPIRE!africa thank you cards.
    • Jenn Ferguson for her valuable help in formatting INSPIRE!africa art cards.
    • Joel Riker-Fox and Forte Sound & Stage Inc for their expertise and sound system at our annual fundraiser.
    • Manna Catering for their support, presentation and wonderful food at our annual fundraiser.
    • Little Rock Printing
    • Karen Aasen, Stella Bowers, Graham Diehl, Jamie Lafond and Theresa Simons for their creative and heartfelt artwork on the INSPIRE!africa art cards.
    • Graham Diehl for his insightful and innovative Animal Trilogy art series which he created exclusively for INSPIRE!africa.
    • The Planning Committee, Volunteers and Silent Auction Donors of the INSPIRE!africa annual fundraiser.\
    • Dana Cornea, Craig Rubie and Monica Ha for their strong support and guidance with leadership and accounting expertise.
    • Jamie Lafond for his thought provoking artist cards which were unveiled at the 2015 Fundraiser.!
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Our Partners

  • Training survivors in specialized trauma counseling so that they can help each other.  Assisting individuals and families rebuild their lives through access to education, health and the means to support themselves.

    Read More
  • Helping widows and orphans of the Rwandan Genocide with counseling and income generation programs.

    Read More
  • Survivors Fund

    Rebuilding lives of survivors of the Rwandan Genocide.  Holistic programmes are developed and delivered by survivor-led organizations including AVEGA (Association of Widows of the Genocide) and AERG (Student’s Association of Survivors), with technical support from SURF.

    Read More
  • Genocide Survivors Students Association

    A University student organization supporting genocide survivors through a helpline and a youth entrepreneurship program.

    Read More
  • Aspire Rwanda helps vulnerable but resilient women rebuild their lives in the aftermath of Rwanda’s genocide. Aspire Rwanda trains women in literacy, English, nutrition and cooking, business skills, commercial agriculture, rights and advocacy. The programme equips them with the knowledge, skills, confidence and the support network they need to become self-sufficient and empowered.

    Read More