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Thank you for another successful year

Before we get too far into the New Year we have some unfinished business from last year to fill you in on.  We have now received all donations from our fundraiser and we are thrilled to announce that we raised $76,500 this year.  This includes 4 cows, sponsorship for our orphan students, salaries for all 4 teachers at the Learning Centre, 75 hygiene kits, 21 beehives, 30 goats, and much, much more.

Thank you to each and every one of you who responded to our requests.  You have made a significant difference in the lives of many Rwanda survivors.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

You will receive your tax receipt by e-mail before end of February according to Revenue Canada requirements.

Volunteer Trip to Rwanda

We have 12 volunteers who will be travelling to Rwanda from May 11 to 25.  During the 2 week trip, we will volunteer teach at the Rwanda Multi Learning Centre, visit the memorial sites and various development projects around the country and see mountain gorillas.  Stay tuned for updates on our trip.

Project Updates

Seven of the 10 sponsored students began their new academic year in the Fall.  Previously students started their school year in January, but this year the Rwandan government changed the start of the academic year to be in line with many other countries.  The 3 other students we sponsor have successfully completed their high school and are waiting to be accepted into a university program.

The Rwanda Multi Learning Centre continues to thrive and grow in its new location.  We look forward to visiting the school in May and reporting back to you on their progress.

The Cyangugu Wellness Centre is up and running.  The Centre has been providing training in trauma counselling, vocational training in mushroom farming and has distributed the hygiene kits and goats that you donated. We are planning to visit Cyangugu during our May trip so we will be able to see your donations in action.  Recently we learned that the Wellness Centre was unable to receive a medical licence as expected due to the fact that the Rwandan government is no longer promoting private clinics.  The Wellness Centre will however continue to offer value programs and we are looking into additional opportunities to support survivors in the remote community of Cyangugu.

As for the beneficiaries of the cows, goats and honey bees, we know there are many of them now, thanks to you, our donors.  We look forward to meeting some of them while we are in Rwanda.

maureen enns paintingA Masterpiece for Sale

This painting was graciously donated to INSPIRE!africa.  It is a Maureen Enns original meant to be the focal point of a room (48 x 56”).

Maureen Enns is an accomplished Alberta artist of international renown.  Her work exists in significant public and private collections, she was an art instructor at the Alberta College of Art and design for 25 years and she is the recipient of over 30 regional and national art grants and close to a million dollars of sponsorship assistance for her conservation work.

Master's Gallery in Calgary has appraised this painting at $5,800.  We are requesting $5000 or best offer.

If you are interested in purchasing this original art work, visit Kijiji at this link http://calgary.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-art-collectibles-Maureen-Enns-Original-Painting-W0QQAdIdZ347820831. Send an email from the box on the right hand side of the page.


Thanks again for your interest in Rwanda’s survivors and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions through our website at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All the best for 2012,

Alix, Craig and Margaret