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Although we are well into 2010 already, we would like to wish you all a very happy New Year. In an effort to keep you up to date, following is a brief summary of INSPIRE!africa’s accomplishments in 2009. You will also find below an update on our planned activities for 2010. A big thanks goes to you, our supporters who have made all this possible.

But before we begin, for those of you who donated to INSPIRE!africa in 2009, you will be receiving your 2009 Tax Receipt in February. To minimize our costs, we will be sending these receipts electronically where we have e-mail addresses. Your receipt will come via an e-mail from Craig Rubie so please watch for it. If you have any questions regarding these receipts, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Now, about our accomplishments….

Livestock for Widows

Many women were left with no source of income when their husbands were killed during the genocide. INSPIRE!africa has been providing Livestock to Widows; cows and goats, so these widows will have a sustainable income and a means to provide for their families and other orphans they may care for.

In 2009 we purchased 263 goats for the survivors of Kabuga, a community just outside the Rwanda capital, Kigali. We also received enough money for 4 cows and they were delivered to the community of Kamonyi.

In 2010, we will continue to provide goats and cows to the community of Kamonyi, Rwanda.

Ntarama Community Centre and Medical Clinic

In our first year, INSPIRE!africa contributed to the construction of the Ntarama Community Centre and Medical Clinic which supports a community of about 30,000 with a high concentration of survivors. In 2008 when our group of 8 volunteers went to Rwanda, we participated in the unveiling of the cornerstone of these buildings.

In 2009 the majority of the donations we received went to stock the medical clinic with equipment it needed to open. Most notably, we supplied the clinic with a spectrophotometer and haematology apparatus. These 2 machines are very expensive but critical pieces of equipment since they test for HIV/AIDS and other diseases. The clinic staff has been trained and the clinic is open.

Since the medical clinic is up and running and all costs are covered for the coming year, in 2010 INSPIRE!africa will shift its focus to the vocational training programs at the community centre. These programs include teaching widows how to sew and make traditional crafts so they can earn an income and support the sustainability of the community centre.

The Learning Centre in Kigali

The third initiative that we support is the Learning Centre in Kigali. At the Learning Centre orphans of the genocide have access to free English, computer and business classes. Many of them became heads of households after the genocide as they were left to care for their younger siblings and other orphans. As a result, they missed out on an education.

In 2009, the Learning Centre more than doubled in size and now provides classes to 100 orphan students in 2 classrooms. INSPIRE!africa created a curriculum for the teachers which assists them with lessons and exercises in reading, speaking, listening and writing English. We also donated money for enough desks and chairs to furnish one classroom.

In 2010 we have already sent funds for the purchase of desks and chairs for the second classroom and to support the salaries and other operation/administration costs of the Learning Centre. This will allow the Centre to continue to make a difference in the lives of genocide orphans for the coming year.

In 2009 some INSPIRE!africa supporters sponsored 6 of the Learning Centre’s most promising students to attend secondary school or university in Rwanda. They are registered in programs that range from law and business to hotel and restaurant management. All students have successfully completed their first year of studies. We will continue to support these 6 students for the 2010 academic year.

INSPIRE!africa 2010 Volunteer Trip to Rwanda

On June 21, 2010, a group of 9 will be heading to Rwanda for INSPIRE!africa’s second volunteer trip. During the trip our volunteers will be teaching English to orphan students at the Learning Centre, visiting all the project which INSPIRE!africa supports and see some of the sites of Rwanda including the Mountain gorillas. We will keep you posted as this trip develops.

Thank you again for your continued support and interest in INSPIRE!africa. Don’t hesitate to pass on this newsflash to others who may be interested in INSPIRE!africa and feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

Craig, Alix and Margaret