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Genocide Memorial – 17 Years After

On April 9, 2011 Calgary’s Rwandan community invited INSPIRE!africa supporters participate in the memorial marking the 17 anniversary of the Rwanda genocide. At that service we saw how the genocide is still fresh in the minds of so many Rwandans, even though it has been 17 years.

Margaret McQuiston of INSPIRE!africa was invited to speak and provided some words of comfort to the many Rwandans in the audience.  She also had the opportunity to made a presentation about INSPIRE!africa and how we, with our many supporters, are making a difference for many widows and orphans in Rwanda.

After the service, Margaret received a great deal of thanks from Calgary’s Rwandans for how INSPIRE!africa is changing lives. 

So, in turn, thank you to all of you who have made INSPIRE!africa the success it is.

Following is an update on our projects, what we have been up to since our November fundraiser and what is coming next.


Cyangugu Wellness Centre

Thanks to INSPIRE!africa, the Wellness Centre will soon be a reality!! INSPIRE!africa donated $31,000 towards the Wellness Centre. This will cover all costs to renovate the building. It will also buy 50 hygiene packs.

All renovations should be completed and staff trained for a summer opening.

The Wellness Centre will provide:

  • Basic medical care;
  • Health care, hygiene, nutrition education;
  • Trauma counselling;
  • Training for income generation; and
  • Sewing program and demonstration farm.

It is located in a very remote area of Rwanda which has very few services.

Livestock for Widows

  • We continue to raise money for cows, goats and honey bees.
  • At the fundraiser we received donations for 2 cows, 250 goats and 40 bees with  hives.

Rwanda Multi Learning Centre (Learning Centre)


  • INSPIRE!africa donated 20 desks and chairs as well as money for all other furnishings needed for the new facility.
  • The Learning Centre moved into its new facility in late 2010.
  • It is a thrill for us to see the INSPIRE!africa logo on the front door of the new Learning Centre.
  • INSPIRE!africa also continues to fund the 4 teachers at the Learning Centre.
  • There are now 110 students at the Learning Centre, 85% are genocide orphans.

Sponsored Students


  • INSPIRE!africa donors are sponsoring 4 more orphans students.
  • INSPIRE!africa now sponsors 10 students in total.
  • They will attend university or complete their secondary education. 
  • Meet Sylvie, Nadia, Alice and Sarah

Official Tax Receipts

  • All tax receipts for 2010 donations were sent by mail or email by February 28.
  • If you did not receive yours, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Double your Donation

  • Many companies will match employee’s donations made to Canadian charitable organizations.
  • Please check if your company is one of them.  Often all you need to provide is a copy of your official tax receipt.

INSPIRE!africa Annual General Meeting

  • INSPIRE!africa held its first open AGM on March 22 in Calgary.
  • We provided an update on our activities, financial report and activities for 2011.

FigTree Foundation: “As We See It” Photo Exhibition


  • Congratulations to Ivy Fraser whose picture “Testimonial” had a winning bid of $180.
  • Ivy participated in our 2010 Volunteer Trip to Rwanda and took this picture while we met with the community of Rusatira.

Book Sale in support of INSPIRE!africa – Saturday May 7

  • Deb Gray and her book club will be holding a book sale on Saturday May 7 at 3031. 34 street SW from 9am to 6pm
  • All proceeds will go to INSPIRE!africa.
  • They are still collecting books for the sale and are interested in popular titles so if you have any to donate, please contact Deb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Thank You

Thanks to everyone for your continued support for the widows and orphans of Rwanda.  Even though it has been 17 years there is still great need but we know that due to support, survivors are confidently moving forward and taking charge of their lives.

If you would like further information about INSPIRE!africa, want to make a donation or have any questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at www.InspireAfrica.org.  We would love to hear from you.

Alix, Craig and Margaret