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Dear INSPIRE!africa supporter,

At INSPIRE!africa we are so excited to be planning another visit to Rwanda in May 2016. Our enthusiastic group of volunteers who are participating in the trip will be making new Rwandan friends and supporting them wherever we can so they can  get ahead. We are writing because we want to provide you with an opportunity to make a donation that we will take with us to Rwanda and put it to use immediately. 

While there is reason for a lot of optimism about the way Rwanda is surging forwardthese days, it is still very difficult for young folks to get a job. Our partner organization Survivors Fund (SURF) has recognized that challenge and is providing support for young genocide survivors to start their own businesses so they can control their own future and rise out of poverty.

Consider Emanuel who lost both of his parents in the genocide.  He and his two siblings were raised by a kindly older lady.  With charitable support he was able to complete his schooling right through university. However he was unable to get a permanent job and was barely getting by.

Emanuel was thrilled to be accepted into SURF’s Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program (YETP). In the program he learned the tools for running a successful business. He says: “The most important thing I learned was to set goals and achieve a target.”

With that in mind, Emanuel created his business “Hope Design” where he sells men’s clothing. He started the business in November 2015.  It’s growing each month and he is hoping that soon he will make a bit of profit. INSPIRE!africa would like to help Emanuel and other genocide survivors get the skills they need to work and succeed in their businesses.

Emanuel is so grateful that INSPIRE!africa and folks like you are helping him to get ahead. He says: “Even though I come from a bad situation, I hope that I will have a better life. By growing this business, I hope that my children will be able to have access to a better life than me.” Exactly!

INSPIRE!africa and Rwanda’s survivors are so grateful and inspired by your past donations. We would like to offer you another opportunity to invest immediately in Rwanda’s survivors.  For example, a donation of $250 can totally cover the costs for one young person to complete the entrepreneur program. We would be very grateful for this amount or whatever fits your budget. 

Isn’t it amazing how a few dollars or more can change lives of young genocide survivors like Emanuel and help them become successful entrepreneurs.  This will mean they can support themselves and their families into the future.

Please donate right now by sending a cheque to INSPIRE!africa at the address below (preferred) or donate online at Canada Helps by the end of April so we can plan where to invest your money when we are in Rwanda to make the greatest difference. 

We promise to report back after our trip to tell you how your donation helped. While we are away you can follow our group on Facebook and read about our adventures!

Against Rwanda’s past backdrop of conflict and turmoil, hope is flourishing and we look forward to building upon that foundation to bring our message of Canadian caring and support when we visit in a few weeks. INSPIRE!africa and you are helping Rwandans to rebuild their wonderful country, one person at a time.

All of us at INSPIRE!africa continue to be inspired by our many supporters. We are humbled by your awesome generosity over the past 10 years and we would welcome your further involvement right now as we take your support with us to Emanuel and others who are waiting with great hopefulness for our visit in May.

In gratitude,

Margaret McQuiston, Alexandra MacDonald, Diane Altwasser and Monica Ha

P.S. Every dollar you donate makes a world of difference to our friends in Rwanda!