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Although it was just year ago when our volunteers were in Rwanda, we are always intouch with our Rwandan friends and with your support we continue to help many who are still suffering from the effects of the genocide and the ongoing poverty.

In 2014 we visited Aspire Rwanda in Kigali. They work with vulnerable but resilient women to give them a helping hand to lift their families out of poverty. Aspire provides them with the tools to earn a living and improve their quality of life. We were so inspired by Aspire’s work INSPIRE!africa  has decided to get behind their wonderful work.

Meet Diane: “Before joining Aspire, my life was very hard. I stayed at home with my three children every day and was very lonely and isolated. I felt depressed, with no hope for the future. I was dependent on my husband and felt useless. He thought I was ignorant.

When I started coming to Aspire, my life changed immediately. I met other women and no longer felt lonely and my children were fed and cared for in the daycare.

Through the training sessions (on HIV, women’s and children’s rights, hygiene and nutrition and others) I acquired knowledge that helped me resolve my personal problems. In the cookery class, I learned how to cook lots of different dishes, which made my husband proud of me. Community members now come to me for advice about cooking, and ask me to help them cook for special events. I have also planted a kitchen garden to grow fruits and vegetables, and that has helped with our household food security.”

Diane and her husband also attended the Aspire training on positive masculinity, and this has changed their relationship. He now believes in her talents and has loaned her money to start a hairdressing business that is growing daily. Diane is thrilled with her successes and her family is thriving. She has since opened a bank account and started to save money!

With gratitude to the support received, Diane reflects: “Without Aspire, my life chapter might have closed.”

INSPIRE!africa is thrilled with Diane’s successes. However there are other women like Diane who still need the help that Aspire can provide. For as little as the cost of your coffee last week, a Rwandan woman can be funded to complete business skills training at Aspire. How easy is that?

Here are some investments for you to consider:

  • Just $22 could pay for 1 woman to complete business skills training at Aspire.
  • $47 could pay for 15 women to attend training in women's and children's rights
  • $100 could pay for 20 women to receive training on HIV and the opportunity to be tested.
  • $200 could pay for 50 children to have breakfast and lunch for a week at the Aspire childcare centre.

You do the math and multiply any of these for an even greater impact!

Isn’t it amazing; with a few dollars or more we can work together to change lives of women such as Diane right now in Rwanda! Just send a cheque to INSPIRE!africa at the address below (preferred) or donate online at

Your incredible support of INSPIRE!africa continues to inspire us.  We are humbled by your generous donations in the past and we would welcome your further involvement right nowto support these life changing programs. We will forward your cash immediately to Aspire Rwanda to help folks like Diane and others who are waiting with great hopefulness for their chance to get ahead.

On behalf of our Rwandan friends we offer our sincere and humble gratitude for your vital support.

In appreciation,

Margaret McQuiston, Alexandra MacDonald, Diane Altwasser, and Monica Ha

P.S. Every dollar you donate makes a world of difference to our friends in Rwanda!

Contact Information
102- 520 Cedar Cres SW, Calgary AB T3C 2Y8
Charitable registration number: 83893 1764 RR0001
www.inspireafrica.org and our partner www.aspirerwanda.org

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