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At INSPIRE!africa we are so proud to be in our 8th year of helping our friends in Rwanda.

What started out as an idea shared by Margaret and Alix a few years ago has blossomed into aregistered nonprofit organization that has helped hundreds of Rwandans. And we could not
have done it without your support.

You may have seen a number of articles in the media recently about Rwanda. In April 2014, Rwandans are commemorating 20 years since the genocide which decimated their country.While there is reason for a lot of optimism about the way the country is surging forward, many individuals are still struggling to overcome their experiences and they are in urgent need of our help.

Consider Justin who was just six when his parents were slaughtered. He grew up on the streets, struggling to move ahead while remaining confused, sad and fearful of what his future might hold. INSPIRE!africa has supported Justin to complete his schooling and access counselling to help him move forward. Justin is now feeling more optimistic about his future and is very grateful to INSPIRE!africa.

However there are so many others in Rwanda who still have great hurdles to overcome including orphans who have a tragic lack of education, and widows who still need to regain their lives. Helping widows will transfer into supports for families and whole communities.

INSPIRE!africa and the Rwandan orphans and widows cannot thank you enough for all of your past support.

We are challenged as an organization with no paid staff to do all that we can in our “spare” time! But we feed on the energy of our volunteers. Such as the twelve individuals who are travelling to Rwanda in May at their own expense to help as many people as we can.

We would like to offer you another opportunity to invest immediately in helping in Rwanda. When you donate right now we will take that money with us on our May trip and put it straight to work.

With your support, while we are there we will teach English conversation, and visit those who have benefited from your past donations such as the widows who now have a safe home to live in and the youth who have received business training in the youth entrepreneurship program Against Rwanda’s backdrop of conflict and turmoil, hope is flourishing and we look forward to building upon that foundation to bring our message of Canadian caring and support when we visit in a few weeks. INSPIRE!africa and you are helping Rwandans to rebuild their wonderful country, one person at a time.

As some of the young folks we have helped tell us: “We thank you so much for your endless physical and spiritual support that you have given us and continue to give us until now. We all know that it would be difficult for us to achieve anything without you.”

As in the past you can support the cost of a cow or a beehive or may we suggest that at the moment you entrust us with your donation and we will invest it on your behalf in the area of greatest need while we are in Rwanda. Please donate online right now at Canada Helps or send a cheque to the address below. Your donation by the end of April will help us to plan where we can make the greatest difference.

We promise to report back after our trip to give you an idea of how your donation helped. While we are away you can join our group on Facebook and hear about our adventures!

Since we launched INSPIRE!africa eight years ago, we know we have chosen the right name. All of our supporters as well as everyone we have helped are truly INSPIRING. We are humbled by your awesome support in the past few years and we would welcome your further involvementright now as we take your support to Justin and others who are waiting with great hopefulnessfor our visit in May.

In gratitude,

Margaret McQuiston, Alexandra MacDonald and Diane Altwasser

P.S. Every dollar you donate makes a world of difference to our friends in Rwanda!

2330 3rd Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0K8
Charitable registration number: 83893 1764 RR0001