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“Long Live INSPIRE!africa, Long Live Sponsors”

To INSPIRE!africa Team and sponsors, It has been such a good time Canadian sponsors and inspire!africa supporting me mentally, physically and financially. They took their initiative to financially support my education, which was a dream hard to achieve.

Before this sponsorship, I was attending English and computer courses in Rwanda Multi-Learning Centre, at that time I had finished secondary school but I could not continue to University due to financial means as my parents could not afford that cost, and besides that there are other siblings who could not go even to secondary school at that time in my family so it was a difficult time to me and to my family as well.

When I was informed by RMLC director, Moses about the sponsorship program, I was surprised, amazed and it was difficult to believe that I am going to continue my studies at University which is expensive. Finally the first arrival of Inspire!africa  I was told  that there is a family from Calgary, Canada which is going to support me to go back to school, they brought me all staff which I could need as far as education is concerned, I was overjoyed together with other sponsored student, only tears could prove our feeling at that time.

Since the sponsorship has started, I could get school fees and allowances on time and this is from your priceless love and sacrifice so that my school goes well. I understand how hard it is to work and give out due to many family responsibilities people have, but for you, you sacrifice your selves to donate people like us who cannot afford education.

Your invaluable support have contributed a lot not only to my life but also to my family as well. Now I am accomplishing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing, and I will graduate on 22 June, 2012. I have been working in Rwanda Multi-Learning Centre as English teacher and Accountant for almost four years, all these have facilitated me to support my siblings to go back to school, they are three brothers and two sisters. Three are studying in secondary school and other two are in primary this is the evidence which shows how far my life has changed for the better since I started being sponsored by Inspire!africa.

I therefore take this opportunity, to say thank you to all sponsors and Inspire!africa for your sustainable contribution to Rwandan future generation capacity building, your support means good education, Rwandan welfare, means capacity building  for Rwandan youth and all in all means a bright future. For sure you can not participate to the development of the country if you are not educated, your sponsorship has built in me confidence to positive future plans like being innovative, creating business that can contribute to the society and access to further studies and hope for success in life.

On my behalf, I am grateful for everything you have done to support me, you are blessed gift to me and my family as a whole, I know that it is through your tireless kindness, generosity and support that I am who I am today and will be in future, I know it was difficult for me to go through those hard time without you, May God bless you and  your families.

Long live CANADA, Long live CALGARY. Long live Inspire Africa, Long live Sponsors.

Sincerely yours

Your son