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Houses renovated in Ntarama Survivors Village with funding from Inspire!Africa

Aimable Niyoyita’s house


Aimable is 26 years old and has just finished his University at the National University of Rwanda. He has two brothers, one is a primary school teacher and the other a secondary school student.

They received this house in 2007. However, last year the house collapsed and the family was forced to go and stay with their friends.

His brother who is a teacher earns less than Frw 50,000 ($100) per month and could not repair the house.

Aimable is one of the owners of the three houses that have been rebuilt. The houses were rebuilt using cement and bricks. Before the bricks that were used were self-locking bricks and they were not well made so the house was not well supported.


Before Aimable’s house and kitchen and toilet were rebuilt


After Aimable’s house and kitchen and toilet were renovated


Karemera Venuste’s house


Venuste is 34 years old he is a survivor of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. He is married with 2 children. When he got this house in 2007 he was a single young man. He was married 3 years ago.

He has one brother who is at University. His source of income is doing odd jobs. After his house collapsed he did not have money to repair it, so he moved to rent a small house near the trading centre in his village.

With his house repaired he will be able to return to his house and save money from no longer having to pay rent.

Living in this village is important for him because he gets emotional support from his fellow survivors.


Before Karemera Venuste’s house was rebuilt


After Karemera Venuste’s house was rebuilt


Kayitesi Edith’s house

Kayitesi_EdithEdith is a widow and a single mother. She struggles to raise her daughter.

Her house collapsed in 2011 and from the support of the village she tried to rebuild it but, it was not done well and soon cracks appeared in the wall and it was in the condition of falling.

"Each day presents me with difficulties," Edith says, forcing back her tears. “I am thankful for the help to rebuild my house. It was too big a task for me to do alone”.

By rebuilding her house she will be sure of a place where she is safe with her child and also give her dignity as she will no longer have to be worried about her house falling down.



Before Kayitesi Edith’s house was rebuilt

After Kayitesi Edith’s house was rebuilt

We also undertook renovations of two kitchens, toilets and store rooms for two families whose houses were repaired by a group that visited during the commemoration period but did not have enough resources to complete the required works on the outhouses.

Habarurema Emmanuel’s Outhouses

Emmanuel is a student with no source of income. “There is no way I could have rebuild my kitchen if it were not for your generous support”. Emmanuel is now able took cook in a clean and safe environment. He is also now able to use the toilet and store room conveniently without fear of the walls falling on him or people seeing him since there were previously no doors.

Rurangwa Emmy’s Outhouses

In total three houses and five kitchens with store rooms and toilets were reconstructed. The reconstruction works undertaken included laying new foundations and erecting walls, plastering, installing new doors and windows, painting inside the reconstructed houses, cementing the floors and works on the rove, replacing damaged iron sheets on most of the houses.